We offer a comprehensive quality control reporting system during the construction process,ensuring that the correct materials are used and that the correct installation process are followed as per the National Home Builders Regulatory Council and SANS requirements.

Our 500-point report offers buyers of new buildings an opportunity for full disclosure previously disregarded by the ridiculous “Voetstoots” term. We assign the appropriate professional with the right type of expertise to each case.  


We examine and inspect residential and commercial property using INTERNACHI software with a view to discover “patent “defects prior to transfer thus providing all parties with an unbiased and independent visual report to establish transparency and integrity with regards to the process of due diligence in line with the new PROPERTY PRACTITIONERS ACT  22 of 2019. We take pride in the fact that each client receives a tailored response to their needs.  

Open and honest representation is a priority in our partnership with clients. Our sworn duty is to act in their best interests within the bounds of the law. 

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