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  1. The PPI Group, in conjunction with our international partners, comprises a team of specialist agricultural valuers based throughout South Africa, offering expert advice and agricultural valuation services in a variety of agricultural fields. Developing a personal relationship with the client and farmer is one of our core values. Our vision and mission are to deliver exceptional client services while also offering a realistic and objective approach in every facet of the valuation process. The PPI Group brings an in-depth understanding and analysis of the agricultural industry trends for each type of agriculture property that we encounter. The PPI Group is equipped with the necessary skills and competencies the agricultural industry requires, and by keeping abreast of the ever-changing agricultural environment and market conditions, we are in a position to offer our clients the soundest and most relevant professional advice. Our agricultural property valuation services cover projects of any size within the agricultural sector, from wine, fruit, poultry, and other farms to ranches and reserves, as well as manufacturing, packing, and cold storage facilities linked to this industry. Our valuers visit a location and traverse the area, noting all assets. Buildings (including lodges), machinery, livestock, crops, storage facilities, vehicles, and contents are all considered. Each component is recorded, listed, and expressed in a valuation report and certificate.


    • The PPI Group offers a wide range of independent property valuations and consulting services in all 16 SADC member states.

    • Market valuations (pre-sale).

    • Market Rental Valuations.

    • Mortgage Security Valuations.

    • Asset valuations for balance sheet portfolios.

    • Deceased estate valuations.

    • Valuation reports for arbitrations.

    • Insurance Valuations.

    • Feasibility Studies.

    • Fixed property audits for commercial sales transactions.

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