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PPI has partnered with Scirrus to bring you yet another convenient service. Scirrus specialises in Approved As-Built Building plans, Property Audits and Certificates of Compliance on all your properties.



Our compliance services:

  • Property Audit for property due diligence audits

  • 3D property Scans

  • Approved As-Built Building Plans

  • ZONING Certificate for SPLUMA ACT

  • Beacon Certificate FOR SPLUMA ACT

  • Energy Performance Audits 


Certificates of Compliance:

  • COC Electrical

  • COC Electrical fence

  • COC Plumbing

  • COC Fire

  • COC Beetle/Termite

  • COC Gas

  • COC OHS (Occupational Health & Safety)

  • OC Occupation Certificate

  • Energy Performance Audits 

Please provide us with this basic information and one of our consultants will be in touch shortly to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

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