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  1. PPI Professional Property Inspectors (PTY) Ltd. complies with international standards of valuation reporting and offers a wide range of property advisory services. Our team is made up of chartered surveyors, professional valuers, and candidates registered with the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession. Property support services include online access to the Deeds Registry and Surveyor General; comprehensive spatial and aerial imaging datasets (ArcGis);



    We offer valuations for:

    • Residential property valuations

    • Corporate and specialised property portfolios

    • Commercial mortgage lending and investment valuations

    • Agricultural valuations

    • Vehicle, plant, and machinery valuations

    • Insurance valuations

    • State-owned fixed asset portfolio audits and valuations

    • Moveable assets

    How We Can Add Value:

    We aim to alleviate the stress felt by our clients when requiring fixed or moveable property valuations. Our practice has extensive knowledge in the surveying of buildings, both for the determination of market rental (in terms of SAPOA’s
    standard method of measurement), and for the determination of the replacement costs. We also provide surveying of buildings, surrounding works, and land for the purpose of determining the open market value, depreciated replacement value, and insurance value. These skills have been tested in the marketplace on an ongoing basis by way of our motivated reports.


    Our expertise extends beyond fixed assets to providing independent valuations to establish the full replacement value of a wide range of moveable assets and possessions of value, such as specialised processing and manufacturing machinery, motor vehicles, boats, planes, heavy-duty plant and office equipment,
    furniture, livestock and game, irrigation systems, combines, and vehicles.

    We are able to adapt our report formats to accommodate specific requirements, and our services cover a wide spectrum of valuation purposes.

    Market value for financial statement, disposal, or acquisition purposes
    Alternative use valuations
    Market rental determinations for new leases, renewals, or rental disputes
    Estimated new replacement cost (ENRC) or depreciated replacement value (DRV)
    for insurance purposes.
    Forced sale values for liquidation purposes
    Valuation of assets for security purposes (mortgage finance)
    Releasing of guarantees
    Valuations for rating purposes in order to appeal municipal valuations during
    supplementary valuation rolls
    Valuations for expropriation purposes
    Valuation of servitudes
    Land claims
    Valuations required to determine values for mergers or takeovers
    Valuations for the division of family or business property assets

    Estate duty and capital gains tax

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